About Ebru Sak

 I don’t want to be remembered. I strive to be unforgettable .   Ebru Sak

Ebru Sak is a Turkish/Australian beauty entrepreneur with, business acumen, courage and a passion for helping women shine brighter. With over 25 years’ experience in hair and beauty and a thriving Melbourne salon – Saks, Ebru has created a destination for beauty that’s both welcoming, uplifting and empowering.

Born into a conservative Turkish family, the bright student with dreams of being a doctor, lived an early childhood beset with personal challenges – ranging from a lack of educational opportunities and an arranged marriage.

At 14, Ebru was uprooted from Melbourne and moved to Turkey for an arranged marriage.

Fortunately, at the same time, she became absorbed and entranced the atmosphere of service and glamour at her uncle’s renowned hair and beauty salon in Istanbul. The salon’s old-world client service and attentiveness with a modern twist would prove to be a hallmark of her future business ventures.

At 16, an arranged marriage, followed by domestic violence and teenage motherhood, Ebru courageously, left the marriage, but was then shunned by her family and Turkish community.

As one of the few women in the migrant Turkish community to attempt and survive divorce, Ebru has always been a trailblazer. The strength and courage which helped her through those testing times, became an advantage in her early business ventures, as well as her natural positivity.

 Business philosophy

At the core of Ebru’s business philosophy is the desire to empower every woman to feel their best inside and out. It’s a mix of her worldly wisdom, a product range and salon service which shows her clients how to streamline their beauty routines to achieve maximum effect and save valuable time.

Ebru’s career achievements are many. She has launched and successfully managed two hair salons and four product ranges (professional and retail). Through her passion, Ebru is in the process of establishing Nourish by Ebru as an ethical product line and a non-profit charitable foundation to support women experiencing domestic violence. Alongside this, Ebru has consistently supported women in the industry, having trained two apprentices and seen their careers flourish.

Through the launch and success of her business ventures, Ebru has clearly found her market: busy professional women, short on time but not willing to compromise on beauty.

What sets Ebru apart in a highly competitive and commoditised industry is her true attention and meticulous care for every client.

 No matter what life throws at you,
Stay Fabulous. .   Ebru Sak

 Caring for women

As an entrepreneur, product developer, salon owner and a mother, Ebru knows how precious time can be in a busy woman’s schedule. With her valuable insights, experience and an array of qualifications, Ebru is dedicated to delivering time efficient products and services for the busy woman, bringing solutions to the daily essentials.

She’s also an outspoken advocate of eliminating violence against women, having witnessed and experienced it in her own life. Currently 1 in 3 Australian women experience physical or sexual violence. This is a statistic Ebru is determined to fight for the sake of future generations.

 In an era where revealing our vulnerabilities is therapeutic, our makeup addiction to conceal is at a record high..

Freedom is possible. .   Ebru Sak

 Ebru's products

Soon to be launched, the Nourish Hair & Body range seeks to spread this message and give back to her community through a non-profit business model. The Nourish range is enriched with nourishing ingredients for beautiful results that respect the environment and your body.

With Saks Salons, Marquage, Quicky Colour, Fast & Fabulous and Nourish now part of a successful suite, Ebru is fast establishing an impressive empire of Australian beauty products and expertise. Consistently delighting her customers and clients, Ebru and her brands are creating beauty and meaningful solutions for all women, as well as being a beacon of empowerment.

 Beautiful is a state of mind. Once upon a time I wore makeup to conceal, today, I wear makeup to reveal my beautiful. .   Ebru Sak